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Shattered is a short animated film created by me, Kaitlin Yu, and Nelson Mai. 

What is the film about?
My role

Shattered is a story about acceptance and understanding. It is a love letter to the children of immigrants, who strive to go far while rooted to their families, and to immigrant parents, who have their own dreams and histories.

17-year-old Scott Chen dreams of being a photographer, but he constantly argues about his passion with his practical-minded parents. One day, Scott and his dad clash into an argument about photography, and Scott's beloved camera lens cracks. Afterward, they are thrust into flashbacks. They reveal that years ago, Dedi was once interested in photography. However, struggling to pay the bills, Dedi chooses to give up his passion and focus on the family. After his argument with Scott, Dedi visits Scott's bedroom. Looking around the room, he sees how hardworking, skilled, and dedicated his son is to photography. Dedi takes his old camera lens, replaces Scott's cracked lens, and gives Scott his blessing to continue pursuing photography.

Environment Artist
Props Artist
Co-lighting Artist
Co-compositing Artist
In total I created
OVER 100
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